Matthew, Karli, and Hallelujah Von Herbulis are currently living in Waco, TX serving at the World Hunger Relief Farm. We are receiving training in holistic community development and sustainable, appropriate agriculture practices as well as missions and community living.

Karli’s favorite things: hot coffee, being intentional, alone time, naps, being a beer snob, figuring out what makes people tick, perfecting the minimal wardrobe, being organized, encouraging people, giving gifts, eating food. All food.

Matthew’s favorite things: being outside, planting things, playing with Halle, smoking his pipe, writing poignant songs, whisky, traveling, reading a good book, and eating Karli’s food.

Halle’s favorite things: her pool, everything pretzel thins, picking tomatoes before they are ripe, getting really dirty, rides in her wagon, baths, reading her bedtime prayers book, feeding animals, and her Mama and Dada!


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